Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inevitably, new starts call for streamlining, organization, and maybe change. The weather is gloriously good and I'm in a good mood... Now I know why women buy new clothes, cut off all their hair to get over things. I am not planning on any drastic cuts, but I am thinking of going back to blonde, or maybe some deep caramel shade of brown, my hair is light enough for it these days. Blonde is a little too high maitenance, and my natural shade is far too blah, but something a little darker and richer might work... but then again I saw a girl with the most gorgeous jet black hair on the bus today. But I'm not in THAT drastic of a mood. I did splurge on five new pretty summer dresses online ...since I haven't really bought any new clothes in the last six months or so...

On other fronts, I decided, in the process of streamlining to dispense of all the blogs but this one. (yes, I know five minutes ago I was saying that I was resurrecting the dulcet blog, but again, I'm just not feeling it.) And since the dgp blog really only gave announcements that I was already posting here anyway, there wasn't much point. So herein you will have to endure all things press & etsy & general writerly angst related. Lately, I've been feeling scattered and disorganized. Maybe this will help.

Meanwhile, after a marathon posting of about 60 backlogged listings last night including new jewelry, paperweights, s&p shakers, and slips, and much, more, the shop is stocked to the brim with new things, which will continue to fill over the course of the weekend as I finish up some projects.

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