Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have finally finished posting all the vintage glasses in the shop, as well as some more pretty frillies and brooches that I'd been storing up and just hadn't gotten round to. Sometimes I feel like I have so many plates in the air, so many ideas for new things, new poems, new programming for the studio, new ideas for press projects, new crafty fun things for me to do and make--I sometimes get light headed. I feel like I need three or four more hours in the day and that would get me by. Since it's February, I'm definitely sleeping way too much--time that could be put to better usage--10 hours a night sometimes. I am so ready for spring.

I had an excellent and productive day in the studio Friday playing hooky from work, making more chapbooks for one of our authors, finishing up labels and contents pages for billet-doux. I am still waiting on one set of letters that may have gone awol. I am already hating the USPS for other things that have not arrived--an etsy print and an order of dye. So I guess I've gotten used to it. Worse comes to worse I will mail them without it and then mail the single letter afterwards if it doesn't appear by mid-week.


Cynthia said...

OMG!!! your dulcet shop is breaking my heart - ahhhh-
just beautiful offerings-
I adore all the owls, esp. in
the shadow box, the butterflies,
and the birds.
and the black altered
vintage slip - aching for her.
also the chocolate wrap-
my only hope is that I can pay
by u.s. money order or check.

your taste is amazing!

kristy bowen said...


Thank you!
I would definitely be willing to take a check or money order...