Monday, January 07, 2008

birds and bees

This week is shaping up to even busier than usual. And of course I am procrastinating and blogging while there are about a hundred other things I should be doing. I hope to put the finishing touches on Jane Doe, update the Atelier schedule through the spring, wrangle some poets into running said programming, and answer assorted e-mails. Plus that Wicked Alice inbox for the winter issue is looking a little full. I’ve just been avoiding it. I'm aiming for mid-February on the next issue, but we'll see.

This is of course not including the backlog of press orders that need to go out tonight (if I owe you a book I plan to have thing in the mail tomorrow god willing..). Plus the new and in process goodies I hope to have finished and packed before Handmade Chicago rolls around on Saturday, all of which I am very excited about but a little daunted. And of course, I’d like to have Jane Doe done this week..I’m still working on the cover, though, and plan to run a test copy tonight (hoping it looks as good on the cardstock as I think it will before I show it to Daniela). I also have new shadowboxes I’m itching to fill and new canvases. I keep telling myself it will all get done eventually…

And of course, as always poems to be written, subs to be sent out, ITBM to be tweaked raked over before Dusie publishes it (I am about half done due to a good part of yesterday devoted to wrasslin with Indesign, wondering, damn, why’d I write such a lengthy book--100+ pages..) And of course, the sooner that is finished the sooner I can set that little bird free out in the world. Of course lately all these things feel more like buzzing frenzied bees than a flurry of birds. Or maybe a little of both.

Then again, it is 65 degrees outside today, so I really cannot complain..

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