Friday, February 01, 2008

sweet deal

I was going to end our special deal on February 1st, but I've decided to go ahead and continue the discount through Valentines Day. You know you want to...

2008 Subscription

Get every single thing we publish next calendar year delivered to your doorstep for

$100 (30% off the regular price)

details here

Your subscription includes:

*16 chapbooks (including work by Daniela Olszewska, Melissa Severin, Julia Drescher, Melissa Crowe, Anne Heide, Miriam Pirone/Edward Smallfield, Kristi Maxwell, Leigh Stein, Kim Young, Danielle Vogel, Claire Hero, Melissa Culbertson, Heather Green, Emma Bolden, Kim Gek Lin Short, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis/Caleb Adler, and Julia Cohen.) )

*1 full-length book : Dear American Love Child, Yours, The Beautiful Undead / Robyn Art & Robin Barcus (November 2008)

*2 special limited edition projects, including billet-doux (February, 2008) and another TBA.

Plus other various goodies, occasional broadsides, and our endless adoration...

After V-Day, the price will go back up to it's original $150, still a steal, but not quite so much of get yours while the getting is good...

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