Wednesday, January 30, 2008

perhaps it's true..

contrary to what I said a few brief weeks ago, it IS possible to have too many blogs. I started the dulcet blog earlier this month on a trial basis for the etsy shop. Though I've been trying to update it daily and use it as a promo tool, I'm just not feeling it. More like feeling like I have multiple personalities. The dgp blog is fine since I only use it as a news type thing, and use it to more easily list upcoming titles. But this one I felt compelled to update daily, so while I was writing there, here was looking a little lonely. I liked the look of the new blog though, so I finally upgraded my template here to be able to mess with design a bit easier. I also merged some of the posts from the other back into this one. I guess you all will just have to endure occasional gushing over girly goods and craft whoring amongst the more serious poeting discussions and cat pictures..

I have to go back in and reset my links, so the side bar will be a bit bare as I rebuild, so bear with me...

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