Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another week since I last posted and again, I'm not sure where it went. Alot of it was mired in romantic drama and trauma, proof yet again that I'm an idiot when it comes to such things. Mind you, I'm not changing my ways, but things seem to have quieted down. I'm dealing with the one person who can simultaneously make me ridiculously happy and terribly sad at the very same time, so it's tricky terrain. But, then again I'm a writer, a lover of doomed romances and big sweeping plots, some would say I get off on the drama, desire beyond reason and ridiculous obstacles. And I do. I just wish the drama would stop erupting this time of year, when I am least able to deal with it mentally.

In happier news, I am getting alot of things done trying not to think about the above. Yesterday, I finished an entire set of new collages, a couple paperweights, and this morning photographed everything for the shop I want to get up this week. (It's hard to get enough light in here most days..luckily there was some sun earlier.) I am putting the finishing touches on Brute Fact, still drowning in orders for both the shop and just books in general, but I am getting caught up. We are constantly running out of some titles and having to make more, so that definitely means success.

I will be reading the AWP posts this week (sniff,sniff) and, as always when I choose not to go, wishing I could be there. However, of our poets will be armed with their books even if we're not there as a press. I know Kathleen will have some of hers at the Rose Metal Press table and Daniela will have hers at Switchback if your looking for some of our latest. And don't forget to stop by Ghost Road and get the fever almanac or the NMP/Diagram table where I'm sure they'll have some copies of feign. (end shameless plug..)

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