Monday, November 12, 2007

Yesterday was spent making/packaging new things (see above) and filling orders. I'm gearing up for crunch time with multiple chaps due out before the end of the year and an increase in etsy biz for the holidays, so it might take me a couple days to respond to e-mails and such if you need me. The Handmade Show on Saturday was a rousing success and a fun time. I actually signed up for a couple more shows over the winter (through March, except for December which was already booked.) They apparently do it one Saturday a month. It doesn't even feel a bit like work to lay out all my wares and have a couple drinks and hang out selling stuff (though not too many or I'd just wind up giving stuff away..) Plus, I ran into one Maggie Lopez, former MFA program comrade who I hadn't seen in forever, who was selling all sorts of cute things from her shop Clothespin, just across the aisle.

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