Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been rather busy this week trying to get as much done as I'm heading out of town next weekend and next week, since I'm back to working 9-5, I'll no doubt be cranky and zombie-like. Have been finishing up edits on Alphabet, trying to figure out the logistics of the broadside idea, making new things for etsy, and arranging readings. Plans are in the works for a dgp/Switchback Books shindig in February to celebrate all the new releases. Plus something in November for the broadsides and Kristy O's chap I think. Stay tuned for details.

Otherwise, I've been doing some actual work work (the horror!) at work to get ahead of schedule for when I'm gone, and mostly watching movies at night. A documentary of Slasher films, Going to Pieces, and Kamikaze Girls, which was a fun little Japanese movie. I went to The Cafe on Tuesday, and read some poems in the open-mic segment, new stuff sort of chosen on the fly, all of which felt odd coming out of my mouth, which does make the newer poems feel different somehow...

This weekend is printing and folding and making buttons (I still have an uneasy peace with the button-maker. One in five winds up botched) I actually want to get all the new stuff done before I head out (I initially said September, but I'm impatient.)

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Valerie Loveland said...

I always recommend Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon whenever I find out someone likes horror movies.