Saturday, August 04, 2007

I’ve always loved the pink building that’s just a few blocks from my apartment. Apparently, it is the only remainder of an entire pink lake front resort that used to cater to the rich and famous back in the days when it was actually..well…on the lake. Nowadays, LSD cuts it off from the water, but everytime I pass it, I can’t help but think it’s a little bit Miami or LA amidst the hulking grey shoulders of it’s neighbors and it makes me happy, especially in the winter. I’d never been inside until yesterday when we stopped in for lunch at the old style soda fountain/florist/gift shop on the corner. Now it’s all condos upstairs, but they rehabbed the stucco a few years ago back to its original shade of pink that had faded from the orginal. The building's story was one of the first bits of neighborhood history I leaned on PBS when I moved here, along with the weird creepy story of the girl who was abducted from one of the mansions a couple block south and her body chopped up and found in the sewers that run between Winthrop and Kenmore, ie. right behind my building.

As always I am a fount of useless and disturbing information.

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Talia said...

When I was kid my dad worked down the street from a pink house and my mom told me that that is where the Easter Bunny lives. I can't help but think that now every time I see a pink house.