Monday, July 16, 2007


Spent most of the early afternoon laying out the summer wicked alice, which should be making it's debut in the next week or so. I'm still holding some subs for the fall issue that I couldn't fit into this one, so if you sent work and haven't seen a rejection, it's likely still under consideration. After next week I should be all caught up.(Finally!) Of course just in time for submissions to open up again, so I'm probably being way too optimistic. I will also be working to fill all dgp orders this week--we've been swamped, and with last weeks production mode I didn't get anything out in the mail at all. If you wanted it, it will be on it's way shortly.

Other than that, I've updated the etsy shop with the newer titles, and began cover design work for the next two books. Also ordered a new batch of text paper and some nice, sandy textury stock for the next one. Oh, the joy of supplies. I am trying to slow down a little after last week's chaos and messiness. Tonight, I even had some time to sit down with some Dusie things and a couple other chaps I've bought/swapped for/ otherwise aquired in the last few weeks in an effort to clear off the stack next to the computer. Made a very small dent, but a dent nevertheless...

Read through about ten, not everything to my liking of course, but here are the ones I loved:

Dos Press trilogy / Strudenski, Smith, and Nguyen
Here, Hunger / Sarah Lillius and Erin Bertram
North of There / Chris Pusateri
Riffing on Bird and Other Sad Songs / Lisa Janssen
Children Having Trouble with Meat / Christine Hamm

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Erin said...

Here, Hunger was an experiment we're both quite pleased with. Glad you dug it!