Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I keep taking out andromeda #26 on top of the pile and looking at it. Spreading it out on the table. Fondling the pages, the postcards, opening the letter. It's a beautiful thing--seriously. This feels like the culmination a big project, not only the three years I've been working on the poems, the research, the design aspects, but also the recent hours of collection and assembly. Somehow feels like it was more work than any of even the full-length manuscripts in retrospect. I think I'm also so happy because it's bringing together the writing and the visual stuff so nicely for me, and so very Cornell-like, little things to be opened and explored and discovered.

I have a few more doodads to add to random envelopes and will be making them available in the next couple of days, both on the dancing girl site and at etsy. Stay tuned.

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