Wednesday, June 20, 2007

stuff this

I spent last night shoving various paper objects into envelopes--dgp orders, a good portion of the Dusie chaps, the first 25 andromedas. Then I came to work and had some bills to type up and mail out, which required, you guessed it, more envelopes. The first line of in the bird museum is "Even envelopes can be suggestive," If so, I'm getting alot of action lately.

We've had another slight change of plans on the Cornell project. Since the images were not printing to our liking, we have decided to go with postcards by professionals instead of DIY prints (pictured below). A little pricier (about a hundred bucks), but totally worth it. Now if I could just stop ordering even more stuff to add to them, we'll be in good shape. Look for a debut around the first of July, after which I will be taking a nice week-long vacation over the 4th in which I will do absolutely nothing but sleep late, drink strawberry margaritas, watch fireworks, and eat potato salad. I'm hoping to get Simone's Orange Girl laid out next week before I go, so that it can be proofed and ready to print when I come back on the 8th.

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