Saturday, June 30, 2007

eight things

You probably don't know about me:

1) Unless I'm driving, I prefer to sit on the right side in cars, buses, and trains. The other side just feels weird to me. It all goes back to childhood car rides with my parents when I was always on the right, my sister on the left.

2) Also in the realm of transporatation quirkiness (neuroses) I hate flying and haven't done it in years, not since 1992. I'm not sure if the fear of flying gives me the quite regular nightmares or if the nightmares make me afraid of flying. They peaked after 9/11 but had started in college, now occur about twice a month. Somehow every plane that leaves from Chicago in those dreams winds up in the lake. I'm not taking any chances.

3)I have been dying my hair, originally a dirty blonde, for going on 14 years. My hair has been everything from strawberry blonde, to auburn, to something like eggplant. Now it's a nice deep brown. The nice thing is, I probably won't notice when I go gray...

4) I have no less han twenty black skirts of varying lengths in my closet, which is only topped by 20 odd black sweaters, including cardigans, pullovers, and turtlenecks. Also fifteen pairs of black clunky shoes. Must be that latent goth girl.

5) I'm SO bad at math, you would laugh at the things I find myself incapable of doing sometimes..making change, long division, percentages.

6) I put ketchup on my hotdogs, which is damn near a sin in Chicago. I also prefer thin crust to Chicago Style Pizza.

7) I still haven't really caught on to the whole downloading music craze and still buy all my cd's in stores or occasionally from Amazon..

8)I am a terrible gossip. I tend to be pretty quiet, but as soon as I open my mouth all sorts of stuff starts slipping out. Don't dare tell me a secret...


michi said...

great that you played along, kristy! :)

funny about the hair thing - only last night i said to someone "you know i've been henna-ing my hair for 15 years now, i have no clue what my hair actually looks like now, underneath the colour! so who know, i might have grey hairs and not even know about it!"

and i guess i'll keep my secrets to myself then.

but i don't think the fact that i am really enjoying the fever almanac and have fallen in love with the poem "unsound" needs to be a secret, does it?


shann said...

if i were inclined to make friends easily, i think i could make you one- but we should never try to split a tab at a restaurant!

my daughter used the box of l'oreal I'd put back (after a 2 for one sale)- now I have about an inch of salty-pepper grey- i like the color but I know it makes me look older- I have been a box redhead (various hues) for almost 20 years.

Ditto on the Fever Almanac

Anne said...

#1 -- me too! A few months ago my sister and I were at an out of town funeral and had occasion to get into a car which neither of us was driving -- and automatically, without any hesitation, she got in the left side of the back seat and I got in the right. We both commented on it, not having realized until then how totally ingrained "my side" was in both of us.