Friday, May 04, 2007

Of course, then I was thinking, what does that say about a world that requires, or influences, girls and women to play dumb? I mean most of us wouldn't as good card-carrying feminists. But it happens, and they sadly do. For feign I used as a epigraph a quote from one of my favorite plays, Lee Blessing's Eleemosynary. In it, a woman talks about how it was easier just to pretend she was dull-witted and slightly crazy so the world would leave her alone, free her from the responsibility of behaving like a good fifties housewife should. The girls in feign, I think, know alot more than they let on, and sometimes that gets them into trouble but sometimes it saves them. This is both good and bad.


In other news, things are starting to get interesting with the Cornell Project. I'm in the process of making the electronic file for Susanna, and we're collecting all sorts of neat bits for the actual chap. Lauren's images are, of course, awesome, you can see a couple we are going to use at her website. I've been ordering paper and materials like crazy, and it's going to be so cool. We're going to make 130 of them, a numbered edition, seventy or so which go to the kollectiv, and another 60 to split between us. I will most likely have some available on etsy somewhere near the end of June or for trade. I'm also busy doing the final edits and proofreading on Scenes from the Body, which I plan on assembling this weekend. You can't tell it from the scan of the cover/ envelope, but inside it's be-yoo-tiful. I love the brown paper wrapper feel to it. Get yours at dgp. At $7, they're a little pricier than our usual $5 cover price, but the vellum for the photos was a bit more expensive than regular paper.

In other news, in the mail yesterday the new Rhino with an excellent review, this time of the fever almanac in it by Jackie White. That's two good reviews of my work I read in one day and I 'm so psyched that the books are falling into the right hands --not so much reviewers that say it's brilliant (though those would be nice) but readers who GET what I'm doing, or what I'm trying to do, and that is the most important thing, whether or not they find fault with it.

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