Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm thinking

that today must be ASSHOLE DAY in the library. A little over an hour on the circ desk and already I've encountered two. But, then they're a little like the roaches, I'm sure there will be more.

I have determined, through hours of careful observation, that there is a definite correlation between earlier work hours and the number of people who piss me off, which I'm not quite convinced has entirely to do with my personal level of tolerance due to lack of sleep. Today I am reasonably well rested and am actually in a pretty damned good mood, or WAS in a good mood. I'm not even sure it has to do with volume (ie. 1/10 are idiots and we just have higher traffic in the afternoon) I've long held the opinion that lower-key, less obnoxious people, usually congregate in the library after six or so when I'm usually working. Not to mention smarter people who actually know how to find their way home in the dark. The call-security-type of psychos and book theifs even seem to prefer days, which you would think would be the opposite situtation.

1 comment:

Montgomery Maxton said...

how bizarre that people are rude at the library.

hope your day got better.