Monday, May 28, 2007


as much as I like solitude, maybe three whole days of it and I get a little nuts. Weird, weird dreams and yelling at my computer. I was looking forward to some quality time with various projects and napping, and despite a few e-mails and a couple phone calls, I've succeeded. After working on visual stuff Saturday, I mostly read yesterday though the stack of journals I'd managed to collect over the semester on Sunday, wrote some notes for new poems. Read through a new Cornell book I'd bought myself a bit back. Plotted what I still have to do for that project in terms of layout and assembling. Today I was up unusually early and worked on revising a couple of pieces for that, with still a couple I need to get to, maybe tonight. Also trying to layout a little booklet for a longer poem I decided to include (thus also screaming at the printer.) Also battled the crazy old key collectors on ebay for more keys. I have 40 and I need 100 for the project. It seems as soon as I bid, someone outbids me and the price goes up like double. Who are these people? Are they huddled in their homes with thousands of rusty little cabinet keys that open nothing and old issues of the Saturday Evening Post? Not everyone, I'm sure, is using them for weird little art projects. I HATE ebay. I like to go find something and buy the damn thing and get on with it already, not wait around for someone to top me in the last five minutes..

In other less psychotic news, I have poems up at No Tell Motel this week. the latest issue of Cranky is available with a poem, as well as the new PLR with a review of the fever almanac. I never managed to get any cake yesterday, but did find some plums, and later vanilla Haagen Daaz with strawberries. A girl will take what she can get. Now onto cleaning house and laundry and trying to organize the mountains of paper generated in my wake the past two days..

But maybe I'll take a nap first..