Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Dusie chaps are beginning to filter in (recent ones from Anne Boyer, Raymond Farr, Bronwen Tate, and Sawako Nakayasu) and I have mine nearly ready to go. Since I nixed the idea of using the Cornell Project for it, I decided simple was best. 16 pages, white cardstock, b & w artwork. Nothing incredibly time consuming or expensive to produce with all these other projects on the table (though I did splurge on the envelopes a bit). I wound up changing the title ultimately, but it's a short little series of pretty recent peices from the new manuscript about writing, art, and creation that fall together nicely. I'd forgotten how long it takes to assemble all 100 of edition in one sitting-usually I parcel them into lots of 25. Plus I did some of no isla encanta. I'm tired out and I never even left the apartment.

This week has been a monster anyway. Since we're in the dead zone week between terms, we've been short on student staff and heavy on returns, so I've spent a good part of my tragically early mornings chipping in to shelve in the 800's just to stay awake and not fall asleep at my desk. I was also suffering serious CTA rage, as a commute that normally tales 45 minutes was stretched to an hour and a half both ways during rush hour, and three times made me late in the morning. Even my failsafe, another bus route I can take that involves a transfer but avoids snarly areas, was foiled on Thursday by a film crew mucking up traffic on Wacker. It was one of those weeks where the very universe seemed to be conspiring against me.

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