Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday, a rather excellent day that began with a teeny tiny birthday cake (pictured below), a lunch date with R that never quite made it out to lunch (more of that wanton behavior), then a quick dinner later at Corner Bakery with little sis on my break. I had to work til ten, but I did as little as humanly possible in the realm of actual work. Plus, we were having our pre-annual book sale reception, from which from which I secured a great book with maps to cut up for collage. Also, ate coconut chicken and strawberries big as my fist, I swear. Thanks much for the well-wishing. My mother asked me on the phone last night whether I felt old--not particularly, though I do feel a bit wiser...

Today, which looks to be even more fun, in lieu of work and the ekphrastic class, the plan is a reading and class discussion out at Lewis University in the burbs, arranged courtesy of the lovely Simone, who not only was able to bring me and Brandi to campus, but taught both the fever almanac and Two Kinds of Arson in her classes.

Then, onward to the Columbia Poetry Review release which looks to have an excellent line-up. The issue also with some of my favorite non Columbia related poets like Rebecca, Jeannine, and Sarah Manguso. And the cover art by Julie Heffernan is splendid.


CandyDishDoom said...

These two days sound utterly superb!

That is is cool that yout book is being taught in a college class!

Goodness gracious!

shann said...

Happy happy birthday...and congrats!