Thursday, April 12, 2007

three good things

Things that are making me happy despite the annoying return of the sinus infection I thought was gone and the terribly sucky weather (no doubt related):

1)Marie Antionette. While I thought the stylization was going to be annoying here it actually turned out to be rather good. Not to mention the parade of dresses, the sets, the cakes, oh my! Absolutely visually stunning. Of course, morbidly fascinated as I am with women who get wrongly offed, I've been obsessed with Marie Antoinette ever since I did a presentation on her in 9th grade, complete with a faux guillotine model on the table next to me.

2)I've been attemptng a tiny series of ekphrastic pieces on the work of Gregory Crewdson. (this was the first in the series) but I'm interested in two more photos in particular, this one and this one, which are what I'm working on now.

3) Black Ocean Books. I took a quick persual of their table in Atlanta, and not only do they have really cool looking books, but also a gorgeous website. I ordered A Useless Window by Carrie O. Adams when I got back to Chicago, though I've yet to read it.

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