Monday, April 09, 2007

off the wagon

Things are a little hectic on the re-entry here, so I will likely remain woefully behind on napowrimo pieces for the next few days. Especially considering I left the draft I meant to work on today at home and won't get back to it til tonight. I've been stuck with various editing and writing related tasks to do that are small, but oddly time-consuming. Last night, I rattled off what will hopefully be my last literary essay EVER for Chaucer, also dealt with some submission-related stuff, blissfully an acceptance from Cranky and some proofs for for the upcoming issue ofThe Tiny. Also sent off some poems from girl show that have come back over the last couple of months. Plus, I got my fancy paper for the thesis, and will, after I meet with Arielle for some last minute edits, try to get it in Friday.

Easter was good, resurrection of the Holy Bunny and all that. Usually, I try to avoid it, but my Mom turned the big 6-0 last week so it was doubling as birthday festivities. I'm still waiting for spring and the tulips. I realized over the weekend that two weeks from tomorrow I'll be 33, that's almost a whole third of a century... I think I've at least gotten to the point where I do feel a bit more like a grown up these days...of course I also feel like I've aged about five years in the last 6 months with the random illnesses, pure exhaustion, and romantic issues. Right now, though, things are good...*knock on wood*

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CandyDishDoom said...

Ok, I just typed this rather lengthy comment, hit submit, and my damn computer connection failed, so here’s the abridged version.

That’s fucking awesome that you’ll be in the next issue of Kulture Vulture, too. I think the issue will make its entrance pretty soon and I’m interested to see who else is in there.

I was going to say more about my submission process and the Kulture Vulture archives and suchlike, but apparently the computer gremlins are anti-verbosity today.

Also, congrats on the Cranky acceptance.

Argh! My computer is driving me batty today, goddamn devil.