Tuesday, April 17, 2007

girl show

I just finished printing off the thesis on the old laser printer, on it's dumb fancy paper, sealed it in it's little box, and will be handing it off this afternoon...Not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I can look at the poems and love them. On the other, I'm sort of sick of the damn things. I think it's largely because it's been such a whirlwind, most of them written in the last year mostly, and then working and re-working the mss. for the last 6 months or so. A process that usually takes me a bit longer and is a little less intensive (at least compared to the fever almanac, which evolved over the course of a couple years into what it winded up being.) I'm more than ready to move on, thankfully, to new poems and projects. As for trying to get it published, I sent an earlier, faultier version I had ready in February to a contest, and am sending it to another this month--the shiny newer revised version. I'm hoping maybe to give it a go with the contests for awhile, just to see if maybe I can garner some cash...which would be nice now that I'll be much poorer without my student loan cushion every semester. Though because of that, I'll have to limit my entries at $20-25 a pop. It'd be nice if I could win enough to keep dgp in cardstock and postage at least...

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