Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today's plan is to move things around in the manuscript again this morning, then settle in for some serious house cleaning this afternoon--the dust bunnies are looking sort of shifty the last couple of days. I think they're mating with the cat hair to produce mega-bunnies that occasionally drift across the wood floors like tumbleweeds. And god only knows what's going on in the fridge. Last night, I printed covers for the next chap and watched Rest Stop--scary freakin shit. While, of course, part of the roadtrip-gone-terribly-wrong genre, (ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek, Wrong Turn, etc..) this one seemed extra chilling. Rest stop and outdoor toilets already sort of freak me out, so perhaps I was just unusually susceptible. There was also this extreme sense of isolation and campy bizarreness that made the movie much better than it's straight to video status would indicate. I wasn't expecting much, but was peasantly surprised.

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