Friday, January 19, 2007

in my bag

Because I'm bored and inspired by this post:

cell phone
mp3 player & headphones
Body Shop Almond Oil Hand lotion
Giant bottle of Advil
Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
green flowered Chinese make-up bag
a mix cd made by my sister I’ve been carrying around for months
burgundy umbrella
condoms (sounds really bad, but always the girl scout)
Vaseline Cherry Lip Therapy
a bootleg copy of Freeway from someone at work
a legit library-owned copy of Jan Svankmajer’s Alice
USB Drive
girl show manuscript
three bags of Plantation Mint tea
cough drops and nasal spray
small notebook
3 pens / 1 pencil


felicia said...

intrigued by the katherine dunn book - is it any good?

LOVED freeway!

Anonymous said...

aha! now i remember that i was going to post something to the what's in your bag? group on flickr. (are you on flickr yet? c'mon...)

wickedpen said...

Geek Love is an awesome read thus far, disturbing at times, but that's good..

I joined up on flickr a couple weeks ago when I started taking more pics with the new camera, but I just now figured out how to join a group and post notes.

Christine said...

Hey, I met Kay Dunn before Geek Love was published (it was a dinner arranged by my college advisor, since Kay was an alum and I was an aspiring writer) and she told me the plot of it, and I was just like, that sounds so dumb. At least, that's what I thought, in my pathetic undergraduate brain.

Her earlier books are interesting, too. Attic and Truck, I think. They were first published without any punctuation -- but the subsequent editions changed that.