Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've finally decided to write my final essay on a briefer version of the topic I was considering for my critical portion of my thesis before the requirement was axed--the whole women's poetry and narrative question (leaving out the gothicism) but in relation to surrealism, ellipticism, and fragmentation, using three poets (Sabrinah Orah Mark, Carrie St. George Comer, and I've yet to decide on the third) as examples, pulling in the Cixous. Again, I'm hoping at least this, which I'm genuinely interested in, holds my attention.

Last night, my laptop went all wonky again and wouldn't load windows. I wound up using the recovery disc again, which is a huge pain in the ass, since I have to load everything else back in as well--two printers, the scanner, the software for my camera and mp3 player. Bites. At least I don't really keep things saved on there on a permanent basis (for this reason largely), but I may have lost a poem or two if I forgot to e-mail them to the desktop at work, which I'll have to re-type. Double bites. Luckily everything else, images and such are online at least somewhere.

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