Thursday, September 21, 2006

coming September 25th

This third annual issue features selected work from the online issue over the past year, including poems by Arlene Ang, Robyn Art, Elizabeth Glixman, Juliet Cook, Rebecca Cook, Susan Cronin, Alison Daniel, Lightsey Darst, Gillian Devereaux, Brett Griffiths, Liz Dolan, Melanie Dusseau, Katie Fesuk, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Ona Gritz, Lauren Levato, Heather MacPherson, Maurice Oliver, Jayne Pupek, Carly Sachs, Erin Elizabeth Smith, and Susan Yount.

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(ps. contributors copies should be in the mail late this week)
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Erin B. said...

What's in it?

wickedpen said...

I'm in the process of building the info page, but here's the contributor's list from March..

Gillian said...

Hooray. *claps hands*

jeannine said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Jylmari said...

Can't wait to read this, and love the cover art!