Saturday, July 08, 2006

where Joseph Cornell meets David Lynch

Battle of the Sexes at DVA was great, a diverse line-up of poets and not nearly as much venom as one would expect. Afterwards, went with some folks to see Scott Dekatch's band, the Prams, play and had an awesome time.

I wound up reading a couple of the more "man-hating" poems from feign, and three from girl show.

After the reading, one of the other poets came up to me and said she didn't know if it was a compliment or not, but that my poems reminded her of a David Lynch film. I was thrilled. Of course I should've asked her if she MEANT it as a compliment. But I can see it, I suppose. Dark, lovely, and sort of scary. (I did, after all, read the goldfish poem). The only other non-poetry comparisons I've ever gotten have been either Tori Amos (well duh) and Cornell--though this was NOT intended as a compliment, but I certainly took it as such. It was intended as more of a criticism of the stillness in the poems, the constructedness, glassiness. Everything in a box and untouchable. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

Tomorow, I'll be reading at WomanMade, along with the very rockin' Simone Muench and a couple of fellow Moon Journal chap authors, Kathleen Kirk and Liz Marino. Spent some time this afternoon assembling the last 30 copies of the initial 100 run of errata, which I'll be reading from. I've managed to unload about seventy apparently in the last few months --mostly giveaways, some sales. Next, it's on to archer avenue (aka the resurrection mary poems), some copies of which I've already given away from the few prelim copies I cooked up for the cafe reading last month. More to come later in the month as soon as I get some time to put them together.


Jessica Smith said...

lynch + cornell? you must be doin somethin right! congrats on the good feedback.

Michelle Detorie said...