Sunday, July 23, 2006

Late last night before going to bed, on one of the channels I actually still get, I caught the whole of Carrie, which I hadn’t seen in a long time. Melds well with the discussion a bit back about the metaphorical/supernatural power of adolescent living/dead girls. Have also been watching Twin Peaks DVD’s via Netflix. I was in high school when the series was on, but never got into it back then, though I remember a couple of my friends being gaga for it. I’d since seen Fire Walk with Me a few years ago, which was a little confusing given my unfamiliarity with all of it. The series is good though. Not Buffy good, mind you. I found myself thinking about what I did watch religiously in high school—Friday the Thirteenth: The Series—which had absolutely nothing to do with the slasher films, but every Friday night, at like 11:30 would find me struggling to stay awake to watch it. Cursed antiques. Talking dolls and killer compacts. A mulcher that turns bodies into money. A dubious amish quilt. They run it on sci-fi occasionally, and when I watch it now, I can see it’s sort of horribly written (again, Joss Whedon and company set the standard pretty high), but still lots of fun, and Buffyesque in its way.

I’ve been fiddling with collage stuff the past couple of days, printing the covers for Failed Star...and assembling archer avenues getting ready for the Quimby’s reading next weekend. Last week was a steady clip to get the issue up. This week brings final edits on Lina and Robyn’ books, and lots of folding and stapling. Friday afternoon, spent some time at the big Dick Blick downtown (which I hadn’t yet ventured into since it opened) and procured some block printing ink for rubber stamping and some lovely handmaid paper. They seem cheaper than Utrecht or Brudno, and definitely have a bigger selection and space than either . Though State street on a Friday afternoon at the neight of Summer is a tourist nightmare, second only to Michigan Ave, I survived the endeavor only slightly cranky.

On the poetry front, I handed over the finished, final version of feign to NMP on Thursday, so barring any edits/suggestions, it’s underway. I ditched about three initial pieces and added a couple I’d done that fit since the spring. Am fiddling around with girl show, which may wind up being a chapbook perhaps, since I’ve been thinking dulcet is what I need the most help with in terms of working on it as a thesis mss--feedback and shaping. I’m not stretching things so far from my comfort zone in the sideshow poems, strictly lyrical, and while I love them, they’re sort of done already. The ordering of them also falls into line rather easily, and there are probably only 30 or so pieces really worth holding onto, the rest (about ten odd poems) probably just filler. We’ll see what I think by the end of the summer-- how well I’m progressing on the new stuff.. dulcet is doing a lot more of the layering thing like errata, but more narrative, less dependent on source texts per se but still the same effect. And of course, more birds and murders and girls. As for the phobia poems, I’ve decided to uses them for a little art project I’ve been mulling over involving accordion books. That is, if I don’t botch my prototype.

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