Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's looking like the summer Wicked Alice, the nepotism mean the Chicago issue...should be up by the 20th. Bring on the accusations that I only publish my friends. (actually, I only rarely publish friends, they don't usually submit...)It's an awesome issue filled with local poets, Columbia people, etc. Plus a snazzy new sleek redesign.

Heard from NMP yesterday, and it's looking like October or so for feign. So that's a book and a chapbook in two months, so I'm going to certainly be whoring my wares about that time . Be forwarned. But it'll be great to get them both out there, the older stuff in the fever almanac, and the newer in feign.

I'm also totally geeked about the ephemera--stamps, photos, doodads-- I ordered from for collages. And some great Alice in Wonderland rubber stamps just for my own amusement.


C. E. Chaffin said...

Kristy, if memory serves me, we did publish you at Melic, now closed. But I didn't know you were an editor of a magazine, Wicked Alice. Is this online or print? And how does one obtain a copy?

wickedpen said...


Yes you did..such an honor to be part of that final issue. I have a few copies of the last print annual (I'm at work on this year's)--I can send you one no charge, just e-mail me at wickedpen74 (at) wth where to send it.