Wednesday, July 26, 2006

good mail day

Lots of goodies, including some collage junk and a photo print I'd bought on etsy, the latest foursquare, my shipment of tinysides (today being the day for wee poetry things), plus paper and board to make accordian books for the phobia project from Paper Source. Yesterday, regular text paper, padded envelopes for shipping artwork, and my new cheapie scanner. (I'm tired of going to use the one at work on the 4th floor and finding someone on it, not scanning, but surfing the net.) Am still expecting some cardstock and some vellum envelopes for my latest etsy venture: handmade one-of-kind collage notecard sets. this way, they're at least useful for something besides hanging on the wall or framing... And I can cut and paste to my heart's content and not have to worry about matting the damned things.

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