Thursday, June 22, 2006

While our computer system in the library is, in fact, up and running, the HVAC is being replaced on the first floor, which means stale motionless air combined with June heat and mugginess. One has to wonder why they couldn't do this back in the spring, or even the winter. We're the only floor of the library, tucked at the back of the building with the bookstore in front of us, that has no windows, so we're practically tomb-like. Yesterday, we made do with fans and the fact that walking off the elevator was like walking into a wall of heat that smelled faintly like wet dog. Today I arrived to find a machine that looks like something from The Manhattan Project--big, hulking, grey metal, about the size of a deep freezer--sitting next to my desk. It says "portable air conditioning system," though I wonder how something that size could be portable. But luckily it works.

In the mail yesterday--Maureen Thorson's Spectacle of Meat and the latest Big Game offering, Michael Koshkin's Parade e Rain. I love Maureen's work , and the chaps are always so darn pretty. Also, after a delivery gaffe which brought me a cash register and not a color printer like I ordered, I finally got the damned thing. Thus, all future dgp offerings will be printed in house (er, in my house.)

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