Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lots of stuff on the burner this week--phobia poems, sideshow poems. Getting ready for going out of town for the Fourth, where I have some picnic, fireworks, and strawberry marguerita action planned. I am happy to say I am now the owner of some caramely chunky highlights in my hair, which actually look half way decent. I seriously considered bright red ones, but I just can't quite carry it off. We'll see how they fare in the long run.

Have gotten a couple of luscious little books the past couple of days, including a poetry/art collab from Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and the first Cake Train chapbook. Plus an acceptance from Slipstream after what seemed like a dry-spell. The weather is unusually cool and beautifully clear, incredibly deceptive for the end of June. Yesterday, I ordered some more paper for books--darker periwinkle cover stock and sparkly shimmery vellum for Failed Star.. , and regular vellum for the end pages for Vestigial Portions, for which I will be doing the covers by the end of the week.


Jessica Smith said...

there's a press called Cake Train?!?!?!!?

Hook me up. Who edits? Where isit? Website?

wickedpen said...

I know, isn't that an awesome name. It's a journal that publishes chaps, and they're pretty new. I just discovered it a couple months ago.


what's interesting is that their chaps, which are still chapbook length, are really pretty little slickly perfectbound things. And visually look more book-bookish.

Jessica Smith said...

ok... i won't tell anyone you said that, since apparently it'll get you burned at the stake to draw a line b/t "chapbooks" and "book-books"

wickedpen said...

LOL. Very true. Shame on me. Bad, bad chapbook publisher. :)