Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yesterday, I received word that I'd won the Quarterly award at The Adroitly Placed Word for "night drive" (one of my other favorites that took forever to get it published) Considering my competition, it's hugely flattering. It entails a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate, which of course, I've already spent. It was funny, the editor, John Vick, gave me the option of also donating the 50 to a literary organization of some sort. Of course, I opted for the gift certificate (gimme, gimme, gimme!!!). Not a charitable bone in my body when it comes to books. Just ordered Julianne Buchsbaum's two collections, and Sarah Manguso's new one.

Speaking of books, have recently gotten in the mail some fine looking ones by Jeannine and Jenny Boully, which, now that I actualy have some free time, may actually get to read, along with all those sexy little chaps I've been storing up the past few months.

Had to perform laptop CPR last night. Windows wouldn't boot Monday night, and after trying everything I could find to do online, finally just used the recovery disk and started from scratch, which meant a couple hours re-installing software, but she's in fine working order this morning. And in regard to other sorts of CPR, theres a release reading for the Columbia Poetry Review tomorrow evening, for which I'm sneaking out of work for a couple of hours. Haven't seen the issue yet, but it contains my smutty architecture poem (actually not that smutty, but smutty for architecture).

Since they're revamping the cable system in my building, and my days it... are over, I also had to order an antenna to get local channels for news and AMC (which I won't be able to watch anyway once the summer starts and I'm working days). As for cable, I refuse to pay for a bunch of crap I never watch. Also ordered cover stock for the net three dgp chaps--some ivory linen for Sarah's and various samples for the other two since I haven't yet come up with any solid ideas on design.

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Christine said...

Congrats on your award! That's great!