Friday, May 19, 2006


Apparently someone requested one of my chaps be purchased for the library and a couple months ago I donated 2 copies of each--one circulating copy and one for special collections (yay! I get to set shoulder to shoulder with the porn and cool book arts stuff!!). Today, I was walking by the new book shelf and spotted them with their slick little call numbers and they seemed so odd and foreign to me. As library books and not just something handed out a readings. I just checked the catalog and no one actually has taken any of them out just yet. They seem so frail and flimsy--one tumble in a book drop and they're a goner. At least the fever almanac in the fall will be a little heftier and a lot less fragile.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, the first full and unencumbered one in a while. Saturday, I have some collage stuff that's begging to be worked on, and Sunday, a couple readings. (dgp authors/artists Lauren and Lina, plus some other good folks at WomanMade, and then perhaps going to Myopic later.) Since I'm now disentangled from having to work on the weekends, I may actually get to have something like a life. At least for the summer anyway. After three years of this, I occasionally forget what it's like.

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