Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today it’s warmer, but wet and drizzly. Bad, bad dreams last night, the same car wreck one twice. In the car with two different people on a road near my parent’s house with a dead end in a line of trees and the person driving speeds up and won’t stop. Then I wake up, heart racing and somehow both times on my back (which I never sleep on.) I think my sudden day-schedule has made my sleep patterns all wonky.

Since I’m stuck at work with a lot of extra time to make myself look busy, I’ve managed to finish up the galleys on the next release, and go through a few wicked alice submissions. I’m still chipping away on the Cornell poems, thinking about design aspects for a chapbook, though that’s pretty far off in the future, not til next spring most likely. I’m thinking maybe something in a box or envelope, something not too unlike his own “Portrait of Ondine” or “the Crystal Cage.”—poems, prints, and ephemera. It might be a little more costly, but I could do a smaller run I imagine.

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