Thursday, April 27, 2006

ugh...feeling rather crunched this week, with the workshop to prepare for over the weekend, my presentation on Larissa Szporluk in Tuesday's class, finishing up my prose poem project in the other class, and trying to get the next book laid out in some sort of timely matter. Tonight, I will be finishing up the assembly on the last 30 or so Animal Husbands and getting Christine's copies in the mail over the weekend. I feel like I really just need to get the semester over. Someone told me I always look sad lately, and it's true, last week I was terrible, too much work to do, writing woes, technological mishaps, some friction with someone close to me. But I think things are better this week, or else I've just gotten better at ignoring them. I just need to get through the next few days and I'll be golden.

And how can I even be down when it's so gorgeous outside, the trees all flowering in the park and Michigan Avenue overrun with tulips. It's still a little cold though, and my flip-flops were probably a poor choice in retrospect.


beLLe said...

Hello Kristy~

Speaking of chapbooks (and I realize this may be a long shot), but I was wondering if you would consider putting out a second printing of belladonna???


wickedpen said...


Thanks so much for ordering some! It would be pretty easy for me to print one off for you. I think I have all the materials to do it. I'll throw it in with the others for free when I send them.


beLLe said...
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beLLe said...

***just getting the hang of this blog***

thank you so much! The chapbooks will be so treasured...

you are so gifted~

~Peace & Love~