Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Since I've discovered we have a visual poem due next Tuesday for forms class, I'm going to just step up production on the box project w/ "the paper house" poem. it's not something new, but oh well, I hardly have time to me start a new project now in the midst of craziness. I'm so totally ripping off Cornell it's not even funny. The burning didn't work out so well. I was too paranoid and tried to keep the paper damp to avoid torching the kitchen and it would hardly burn at all then, so I've been reproducing the effect with paint. I was working on it anyway for the next art of the library, my larger installation having would up in the trash due to extreme amateurish sucking. I'm all vision sometimes and no hand to complete it, especially in this case. I still feel like that spazzy third grader in art class who's in the corner covered in paste and construction paper.

Also a revision regarding our final projects, which I've already started on, a series of sideshow sonnets...hell, I'm not sure whether to keep going or stop. Now we're doing some thing with invented forms, and again, not sure I have time to start all over, expecially considering my author presentation in the lit class has been bumped up a week. I do not do well with change when it seems I've got everything planned down to the hour these days--go to work, work on publishing stuff whenever I have free time, my own writing at home, plus doing any work for my classes.. I feel like if one thing slips out of place, I'm seriously screwed. tonight, a canceled class--most folks seem to be going to hear one of the faculty read--I had to come home and see if I could salvage the free time. And still it's spring, so I try to be happy, though everyday I seem to start out in a reasonably good mood that's slowly, slowly chipped away by all sorts of niggling little things-public transit woes, rude, whiny, needy people in the library, rejections (yesterday one from Isotope), noise, my broken sunglasses, long lines in the drugstore, html coding that makes my hands numb.

Speaking of which, the spring wicked alice, should be up tomorrow. I finished the layout last night, and just need to upload the pages--once again it took me longer than I expected since I accept way too much work probably, whatever happens to strike my fancy (how's that for a sound editorial policy?)..plus, alot of it more formatting complicated than usual.


Michelle Detorie said...

the new issue is great! Thank you!

michi said...

great issue, once again. congrats! michi

KL said...

sorry about the formatting!! But wow! What a great issue.

Thank you thank you

KL (wink) Monahan