Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ghost Road Press is posting a poem a day, and the one today just happens to be mine...

and some at the adroitly placed word...


For once, a Saturday off. Some peace and quiet. Theoretically.

The recently vacated apartments to my right and over my head happen to be buzzing and banging as we speak with all sorts of contruction like noises. I've been enjoying an issue of CakeTrain, which I just discovered and is filled with good stuff and very slick and perty in it's library-like design.

Last night, we nearly floated away. One of the cats (Mr. Giles--yes that's his name) has a nasty habit of playing with the shower curtain and bumping the hot water handle and turning it on. Usually it's just a trickle, but he apparently hit it pretty hard sometime yesterday. I've been terminally plagued with a slow drain in the tub and arrived home to find the bathtub a mere five inches or so from overflowing. After draining the tub and admonishing the cat, watched Serenity . I SO heart Joss Whedon. Wacky sci-fi with humor and character developement and snappy dialogue. I never watched the show when it was on, (it was all about Buffy then) but will certainly be checking out the DVD's now.

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