Thursday, April 13, 2006

cruelest month

It always seems like spring will never get here, and then suddenly it is..magnolias trees in front of the catholic school blooming and the tulips along michigan avenue, which I've been eyeing since they first started inching out of the ground a month ago, suddenly taking over--budding over night. We are half way through April after all, that eight months of winter finally loosening it's hold--it was nearly eighty today. For some reason the wamer weather makes me sleepy and dreamy. Tuesday, after a minor meltdown on Monday night whilst looking at my ever mounting to do list, I played hooky from both classes, stayed home, feeling kind of worn down and wound up, sleeping halfway into the day and then another nap later. My schedule's been all screwed up with all the fucking noise in the building intruding into my sleep. When I work til ten, go to bed at 2 or 3 and then at eight am, wake up to pounding and drilling, I am not a happy camper. Remind me again why didn't move out when I had the chance?

I have managed to whittle down that mounting list, there are only a few things I need to get done the last half of the month.

a) get the spring wicked alice issue up and running.

b) finish the last details and proofing on Christine's The Animal Husband, and get it printed and assembled.

c)finish layout for Sarah Gardner's How to Study Birds and finalize cover design. Have it ready to go by mid-May.

d) prepare for my web workshop at CPL

e) keep plugging away on new poems for girl show

f) turn 32 (okay that one's easy)

g) get the 50 copy run of archer avenue printed and ready for May.

ahh...lists make me feel a little better...


shann said...

Happy Birthday! sometime this month- and yeah for Wicked Alice, i need to remember to submit sometime again.

There are median strips here in Richmond that are jampacked with daffodils right now- just bam! one day I didn't notice, then they all bloomed at once!

I love spring colors, just not the pollen.

wickedpen said...

Thanks!! it's the 25th. And DO send some stuff for wicked alice. The daffodils round here did the same thing overnight..