Thursday, January 19, 2006

A very awesome reading last night, an excellent crowd and lots of fun. The Quimby's folks rock, setting up chairs, promoting the event, and selling the books. Plus, where else can you read among so many delicious oddities--chapbooks, comics, zines, and a damn fine selection of litmags. We had only two poets who could make it in the end, but it was SRO for awhile there. I wound up spending almost the equvalent of what we took in on books, but walked away with a bunch of goodies chapbook-wise.

The weather (I just accidently typed whether instead) is gorgeous today, the season almost fooling us into thinking it's spring before bitch-slapping us back into winter. Yesterday, I went into the bookstore to procure my books for the upcoming semester, and found that I only actually had to buy one. No books in sight for the forms class, and only Contemporary American Poetry: Behind the Scenes for the lit class, along with last years BAP (which I have at home but have yet to read) and Poetic Culture: Contemporary American Poetry Between Community and Institution (which I pulled off the shelf upstairs). I've been finishing up the last two archer avenue pieces and will post them shortly. Haven't particularly accomplished as much during the break as I'd planned but when do I ever?

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