Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I spent the morning and much of the afternoon getting up the latest wicked alice, which shall go live as soon as I proof it tomorrow with a fresh and unfoggy head. It's a smallish issue and fairly non-traumatic(except for me shouting expletives at my computer when my coding went bad and I couldn't find the problem.) I also somehow inadvertently wiped out my index page when making a change, so it goes directly to the Fall Issue until I can fix it tomorrow.

I was about to say I've sworn off poetry this week, but with the above, I realized I haven't really. Though at this point it's just alot of cutting and pasting stuff I've already accepted. I just won't be writing any, or reading any, or thinking/obsessing about it over the holiday. Though I AM smuggling some books and journals into my luggage for that dreadful week-long lull between Christmas and New Years.

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