Monday, December 12, 2005

I just polished off the Nye book review and printed out the final version of what I have so far on archer avenue. Far, far from complete, feels more still like just a framework for the sort of stuff to come. But it's as much as I can do for now since I'm turning it all in and presenting what I have on Wednesday. Another semester in the bag, however, so I have that oddly euphoric freedom feeling. At least for the next few weeks. I want to do some more work on the project however, and would like to wrap it up before Christmas. Add in the manuscripts for dgp I need to read, the issue of wicked alice I need to get posted, and all the shopping I need to do, and it's not much of a vacation, at least for the next twelve days or so. In January, after I get back into town, I'm hoping to make some progress on the thesis book mss. during my sojourn from classes, since the spring semester is likely to be a time crunch nightmare. I'd like to have a working complete version by the summer so I can play around with it before I offically have to get serious about it in the fall. I have thirty pieces to date for sure, and maybe a title, but it SO needs to be filled out. Most were written last spring and this summer thus far, since this fall's been all about the shorter Mary project. We're required to have at least 48, but I'm aiming for the maximum of 60, so I'm halfway there. It's already began to divide itself into sections, slender as it is, which might save me some organization anguish this time.

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