Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sometime in the last two days the trees in the park across from the library have started to turn. Today, it's colder. I feel unfocused and fuzzy lately, like I can't finish any of the things I'm in the middle of. It doesn't help that I'm very blocked creatively just at the point where schoolwork seems to be piling up. An unproductive slump just when I should be in full swing.

I've been looking at the feign poems--the odd 30 or so that I finished in the spring and which weren't included in the other book. As that dreaded thesis project gets ever closer (well technically still a year away) I'm thinking I may just keep working on the manuscript and call that the thesis collection and be done with it. Since I'm focusing on the smaller projects--that is when I'm capable of focusing at all--it may take me a year to finish those poems. Since the whole book publication thing doesn't seem very likely at the moment, I'm not sure I even care any more about either full-length project. May just sell them for scrap and keep working on chapbooks.

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