Saturday, October 29, 2005

I've decided to go with little red riding hood this year costume-wise. I wasn't able to find a plastic axe to pull off the lizzie borden (and somehow I think the CTA might frown on me carrying a real one aboard the bus or train.) I bought a couple of yards of red crushed velvet and some lace and am going to see what I come up with. Though I've seen alot of uber-trashy costume versions in my search, mine will only be slightly trashy (I DO have to wear it to work.) Was thinking of going to a friend's party tonight, but likely it will just wind up making me feel like the oldest person there, which is quite possible these days. So instead it's likely a few trashy horror movies the next couple of nights. Did finally get to see Sean of the Dead last night- damn funny.

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love phillip said...

Yeah yeah yeah, old cheesy camp is the greatest. Greater than great. Have you seen "Dead and Breakfast" yet? It's not as good as "Sean of the Dead," but there is one scene that ivolves a blueberry pie, that deserves a place in cinematic history.