Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today the weather was absolutely lovely, breezy, sunny, cooler. Of course, it’s supposed to heat up again this weekend. I used my lunch hour for an excursion to the art store to buy black paper for my boxes and mat boards for the collages. I wound up cutting some space between each edge of the box and where it will fasten to the board, which, if hung in a well-lighted spot will allow enough illumination inside. Fairly low trauma.

Things are starting to pick up around here in the library. Orientation tours going in and out, registration. More people on the sidewalk out front. This year, we’re starting the term a full three weeks earlier than we used to. This at least means there won’t be that September drag I always feel, that interminable 9-5 schedule I detest extended. But it also means in less than two weeks I’ll be back in class. Hopefully, I’ll get off easy this semester. Last spring was unusually hellish, with a serious workload week to week in both courses—even the workshop.. Just my last one now (thank god), and the Chicago Poems class, which wipes out all my requirements except for three lit classes and an elective and whatever else I want to take. And, well the thesis looming on the horizon, which I’ve gotten a bit of a start on this summer.

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