Wednesday, July 20, 2005

yeah!!!...on Friday I plan on going to check out this at the Art Institute. I'm a poster art freak (as anyone who's been in my apartment will readily attest). Even dgp has it's title's origins in poster art, not Lautrec, but gorgeous and maintaining a place of prominence in my bedroom. But these are my favorites-the Steinlen cats, gracing the wall of not only my study/dining room, but also the kitchen and even a small one leaning against the wall on my desk at work. There's this Lautrec in the living room, and few scattered throughout the other rooms.

I also have an unusual fondness for French cafe/street scenes and botanical prints. I have a couple of my own framed collages in the study, and a two Alaina Burri-Stone's b&w photos I procured leaning against the wall. And yet I'm averse to clutter in general, so it's hard to restrain myself from buying more things to put on the walls than I already have.

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Penultimatina said...

But these are my favorites-the Steinlen cats...

They peer over my shoulder when I sit on the couch in my casa.

Us poet types and our cats (and cat posters).