Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've been attempting to fully enjoy my time off, yet I'm more and more aware that the week is half over at this point. I do have a two week hiatus in August planned, but soon, I'll be back in the midst of everything that makes me crazy, and thus am determined to do nearly nothing this week. Though I have been tweaking the manuscript and scribbling some notes for some poems, but mostly just being useless. The usual fourth of july festivities, though no fireworks this year except the illegal ones the neighbors were setting off. Way too much sangria and strawberry margaritas. Though I was tempted to kick-off the holiday with a little flag burning, it went reasonably well. The last two days I've spent basically loafing--today, a little thriftshop perusing and wound up with a new green chair to replace the orangish velvet one I've never been all to keen on. Also, some good sales on necklaces and skirts, and some stamps from the craft store.

Am working slowly through my bargain bin novel, Our Sometimes Sister, and yesterday, finally read through Nick Flynn's Some Ether. Both excellent.

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