Thursday, July 28, 2005

I suddenly have a renewed appreciation for folks who hand sew their chaps. Incidently, just obtained Maureen Thorson's Evol, which I ordered after reading her Ugly Duckling release--this one hand-made and sewn by the author herself.

After spending last night sewing---oh, about five copies--in desperate fear that I'd poke myself with the binding needle and bleed all over my covers--I realize The Violin Teacher should be released in its complete edition of 100 around August of 2008 unless I solicit some extra hands over the weekend. I'm very bad with the manual dexterity thing--why I stick to collage as my visual art of choice (cut and glue, cut and glue). And my patience is always very thin. Bad, bad combination. The author offered to sew some herself and I may yet take her up on it. They look very nice, at least the ones I didn't mangle.

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Mark said...

It's all about thimbles.

Just put that old Monopoly set to good use...