Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yesterday, while of course I was reminded of losing the Diagram/NMP thing in the mail, I DID get the good news that they wanted 3 of the poems-(well, actually 5, but two of the ones they wanted have appeared elsewhere.) All of which lessened the sting a little. Also a little ink on the page made me feel a bit better.

Especially after my less than inspiring bout at the new Barnes & Noble downtown with its paltry poetry section composed at least 50% mundane anthologies. Bought Adrienne Rich's Dream of Common Language and a discount novel. At least hopefully the new store, being a block away from where I catch the bus, won't be too much of a superfluous money spending temptation with such a slim selection--though their fiction section might prove to be a problem.

It was terribly hot and stifling outside this afternoon when I went to get some lunch. And with Taste of Chicago kicking off tomorrow, and the sidewalks glutted with librarians (ALA conference a couple blocks away) it's damn crowded and annoying out there. I suddenly had an image of people pummeling me with books and telling me to do something responsible like go to library school.

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