Sunday, June 19, 2005

My utter glorious freedom of earlier this afternoon has turned into a yukky headache from a bout of ugly local bo-biz static I won't go into since it just makes me tired and sad.

On an unrelated bent, diagram/nmp has their winner and finalists posted, and errata, sadly did not make the cut, though the winner Rachel Moritz's work looks interesting. I don't know, maybe there's just not much of an audience for creepy victorian inspired hijinx. Since they were the only place I'd considered sending it, I'm thinking I may release it under dgp in the fall. I wound up shifting our publication schedule up because one of our authors is leaving the country on a Fulbright to Russia in August and we bumped up her chap so she could take it with her. Thus, there's room to release another book this year. I don't know why I still feel some stigma regarding self-publishing though, especially under the auspices of the press. I feel like I should be concentrating my efforts on OTHER peoples work and not mine, but I DO love having complete creative control over my own work--the cover, the paper, when it's released. It's completely in line with my control freak tendencies. With belladonna I issued it sort of separately and don't consider it part of the chapbook series, although like the Wicked Alice print annual, it's distributed through dgp.

On the plus side, the Women of the Web anthology is available for order, featuring a whole bunch of awesome poets...get yours now...

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Penultimatina said...

Hello Kristy! It's hard to believe that we've been coexisting in the Chicago poetry world for this long without ever meeting, and I wanted to say hi! I share your NMP pain (I checked that darn website sooo many times last week), and I am enjoying your blog. Nice to meet you finally! :) ~Mary Biddinger