Monday, June 13, 2005

In the mail today, a brochure for the first ever Northwestern University Writer's Conference. I got all excited and totally on board until I opened up and read the details. It's apparently three days of panels. Besides seeming overly geared toward other genres, the panels begin with something called "Writing Your Chicago" a topic nearly identical to the craft seminar I'm taking in the fall. Some other genre things and something called "Delicate Subjects" which sound only mildly interesting. Saturday, a session on poetry and the visual arts caught my eye, though the only other thing that might work that day is "Shifting Genres" taught by a Columbia faculty and sounding an awful lot like the hybrid class last fall. On Sunday there are some more writing-biz sessions, like how to submit and apply for grants and residencies, sort of kids stuff. And "Performing your Work" session with someone who came to talk to us in the hybrid course. The entire conference is $525, so that's not even an option, but I'm trying to weigh whether or not that visual arts one is worth $190 when that's probably the only one that might be useful. Likely not.

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JHK said...

We have a conference here in NEPA that I felt simliarly about. What bugs me most about their advertising is that they don't announce who any of the faculty for these workshops and panels will be!